A Java library to create, process and manage mixtures of exponential families

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What are exponential families?

An exponential family is a generic set of probability distributions that admit the following canonical distribution:

$$ \normalsize p_F(\Theta) = \exp(\langle \Theta, t(x)\rangle - F(\Theta) + k(x) ) $$

Exponential families are characterized by the log normalizer function F, and include the following well-known distributions: Gaussian (generic, isotropic Gaussian, diagonal Gaussian, rectified Gaussian or Wald distributions, lognormal), Poisson, Bernoulli, binomial, multinomial, Laplacian, Gamma (incl. chi-squared), Beta, exponential, Wishart, Dirichlet, Rayleigh, probability simplex, negative binomial distribution, Weibull, von Mises, Pareto distributions, skew logistic, etc. All corresponding formula of the canonical decomposition are given in the documentation.

Mixtures of exponential families provide a generic framework for handling Gaussian mixture models (GMMs also called MoGs for mixture of Gaussians), mixture of Poisson distributions, and Laplacian mixture models as well.

What is jMEF?

jMEF is a Java cross-platform library developped by Vincent Garcia and Frank Nielsen. jMEF allows one to:

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